I’ve spent much of my life exploring wild environments on rock, snow or water and my artwork is inspired by my love of natural elements and adventure. I try to recreate the sensation, experience and quality of these elements, such as how rock feels under my fingers when I climb it, the noise snow or ice makes when I move over it or the sensation of water as I move through it.

In my drawings the human elements become absorbed within the natural environments and the surroundings are equally as important to the overall images as the people depicted within them.

My images are available as prints, hand finished originals or as bespoke commissions; please contact me directly for enquiries regarding commissions, or to personalise a hand finished original print.

I am also available for other illustrative or design work on request. Please click here for more examples of this.




Training in fine art, illustration and design undertaken at:
Aberdeen College, Gray’s School of Art and The Interactive Design Institute.